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I'm super excited for a new website that has been created to bring the birth community together and provide resources, a directory and beautiful content for families, medical professionals, doulas, midwives and birth photographers ALL IN ONE PLACE. Here's a quote from the creator of the website, Chinelle Rojas, "I HAD A VISION ONE DAY OF A COMMUNITY THAT WAS ALL-INCLUSIVE OF THE MANY BIRTH PROFESSIONALS. A PLACE WHERE WE COULD BE UNITED BY OUR COMMON LOVE OF BIRTH. A PLACE THAT COULD BE A RESOURCE TO EXPECTING FAMILIES AND HOPE FOR THOSE WHO ARE WAITING TO START THEIRS. SO BIRTH UNITED WAS BORN. " Click the featured link above to view the website and view the photography gallery to see my fe

Mothers Meeting Their Babies, Feature on Birth Becomes Her | Bowling Green, KY Birth Photographer

With Mother's Day approaching, the website Birth Becomes Her asked for image submissions to compile a gallery of Mothers meeting their babies, to showcase on their home page. I was honored to be included on such an amazing platform for birth photographers, birth professionals and families to come together to share beautiful birth stories from around the world. The image above is from my first birth after I decided to follow my heart and specialize to focus on birth and photography for expectant families. It's very dear to my heart. Even though it wasn't the first birth that I photographed, it was the turning point for me and my photography. I'm thankful for this journey. I'm thankful to the

Mother's Day Collaboration, Birth Becomes Her | Bowling Green, KY Birth Videographer

I am beyond honored to be a small part of this beautiful Mother's Day Tribute compiled with clips from birth videographers around the world, by Birth Becomes Her. As of this date, the video has since gone viral with over 51 MILLION views and 643 THOUSAND shares ... This makes my heart SO happy. Not only because of the great honor it is to be included in this amazing collaboration of birth videographers around the world, but because of the celebration of the strength of these beautiful Mothers and most importantly the awareness that it brings to births of all types, in all environments and the options that are available for each family to choose for their own births. By sharing these moments,

International Bereaved Mother's Day 2017 | Bowling Green, KY

What is International Bereaved Mother's Day? "A day for any parent who has lost a child, and in particular, holding space for mothers who are grieving their children on this day." Oh how my heart wishes that there were never a need for this day. How I wish that every baby could be born happy and healthy, into the arms of love. As many of you know, I became a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep many years before I became a maternity and birth photographer. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a volunteer organization that offers remembrance photography, to families suffering the loss of a infant. This service is completely free of charge to the families and is a gift that voluntee

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