The Birth Story of Ayla Faith

This is the birth story of Ayla Faith, as told by her strong, courageous mother. This story may be difficult for some to read, but it's very important for Ayla's mama to share it. Monday, I never thought I would still be pregnant. How much red raspberry leaf tea and walking can a uterus take before it does it's thing? By my estimated due date, I was 9 days past due. By the ultrasound date, which my midwives were using, I was about 5 days over. My first was born the day before my due date and I had felt sure this baby would follow suit. But now it was Monday. I had shed a lot of tears over the weekend, between bouncing on an exercise ball and the walking all over the neighborhood, but I felt

Word of the Year | Bowling Green, KY maternity and birth photographer

As 2017 becomes a memory and the planning for 2018 begins, I have been using the Year Compass planning to close out my 2017 and open my mind for all the goals and dreams that 2018 is sure to hold. Part of the process in planning in Year Compass is to choose a word to symbolize and define the year ahead. Choosing this word is important when you need extra energy or a recharge and as a reminder to never give up on your dreams. The word that I have chosen is True. I went through a lot of words that would be inspirational for this year and the word True stuck out in two ways. True means honest ... It's important that I be honest with myself. True also means loyal and faithful. It's important tha

Follow #JulesDiamond on her journey! | Bowling Green, KY Maternity and birth photographer, Doulatog

Meet #JulesDiamond!!! She is the newest member of the SSP family. She is a birth and breastfeeding doll from Mamamor Dolls. I fell in love with her and decided it would be a great opportunity to use her as a personal photography project and also to interact with her as we travel with her on the journey from trying to conceive and throughout her pregnancy. I don't have a script written for her journey. Much like birth, we will work through what happens as time goes along. My plan is to post at least weekly about what's happening in her journey to ttc and also follow throughout her pregnancy and birth. We will talk about any concerns that might come up at each point in her journey and also he

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