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So you've already met Jules Diamond, she's an amazing birth and breastfeeding doll from Mamamor Dolls. Now let me introduce you to the rest of the family. Jules and Cyrus who is a Papamor have a precious little one named Xander, who is a nursing toddler and about to turn one next month! As you already know, this is a personal project that I think will be lots of fun as we follow the family throughout trying to conceive, pregnancy and postpartum! Jules and Cy are considering trying to conceive in the next few months as Xan is about to turn one! They are weighing the pros and cons of spacing their children closer together vs farther apart. What did you choose for your own family? What advice w

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These are my hands Through these hands I have come to see the world. These hands have measured the growth of life and documented the stalling of time. They guide my ears to places where I hear The watch-like beat of tiny hearts. My hands have felt the hard bony framework of passages and the softness of muscles Which will bulge like petals of a rose. My hands have opened windows to the energy Of the souls of those I have touched. They have felt the frigid rigidity Of steel instruments and the softness of a friend. There are stories in these hands, read from the pages of the work of women. With my hands I felt the power Of the strength it takes to grow and release a new spirit. My hands were b

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I typically have words and emotions of my own when I look at such a beautiful photo, a moment in time that I’ve captured, that tells a story. I couldn’t tell this story any better than these words .. straight from a Mama’s heart. “Hard for me to believe that I made every part of you. I grew all your tiny fingers & toes, your perky ears & that little button nose. When you look up at me with your daddy's blue eyes & with those eyelashes that reach to the sky, you melt my heart. You're literally the best thing I've ever made & I've given you the second best thing I've ever made for the last year... mommy's milk. It's true. The days are long & the years are short. Some may roll their eyes (I'v

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The story of #julesdiamond and her journey from#ttc to #pregnancy is coming together! Jules decided to take a nap on this rainy day and while napping ... had the most precious daydream about snuggling her future baby in the very same rocking chair that she rocked, soothed and nursed her other babies in.❤️ #spoileralert You’ll get to meet the rest of the family soon!. Did you have daydreams of your future babies? Share them in the comments! If you'd like to go back and read about Jules and how we are going to follow the journey of her family while trying to conceive to birth and beyond .. CLICK HERE to see the previous post! #julesdiamond #Tryingtoconceive #pregnancy #mamamordolls #TTC #birth

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