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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! I’d like to celebrate, in the month of May, by sharing your pregnancy, birth, and motherhood stories. Whether it was yesterday or 60 years ago. Tell us your story! If you’d like to participate, please email your story to Don’t have it written down? No problem ... head on over to the App Store on your iPhone and download the free voice recorder app. Tell your story and email me that audio file! I’ll take care of the rest! By sharing our stories, we each make a small difference in changing the world. We empower. We inspire. We validate. We educate. We lift each other up. We normalize birth. We share our joys. We shar

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This topic has been on my heart for quite some time. In my career as a professional birth photographer, I remember the exact moment that I realized just how important it is that families facing a cesarean have the option to document their birth, if they want. I will FOREVER hold that moment in my mind and heart. I will forever have the memory of the tears rolling down my face in unison with that sweet mama. Although many hospitals in our surrounding areas have seen the benefits to families and made the decision to allow professional birth photographers to document cesarean deliveries in the operating room, we still face the challenge that in our local area, while photography IS (typically) a

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It's cesarean awareness month and I thought it would be a great time to talk about what happens when your birth plan goes out the window and you find yourself in need of a cesarean that you didn't expect. Many unplanned cesarean stories read the same. You arrive at the hospital, either already in labor or there for a scheduled induction which could be needed or chosen for a number of reasons. You may or may not have already prepared yourself that a cesarean might be in your future. It's always a great idea whether this is your first baby or your 5th, to have a plan in the event that you find yourself in the position to need an unplanned cesarean. Working together with your doula, you can be

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The Kentucky Home Birth Coalition is now accepting donations for the summer online auction with proceeds benefiting KHBC's efforts to expand access to Midwifery care here in Kentucky. Click on the graphic above to go directly to the auction info site to find out more information about how to make a donation! Donations need to be received by May 31st. Please consider making a donation to the auction or visit KHBC to find out more information on ways that you can help! I'm looking forward to the summer auction that will happen June 9th through the 16th!!! I always get such great goodies while helping out a great cause!!! #KHBC #KentuckyHomeBirthCoalition #summerauction #donation #advocacy #mid

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April is Cesarean Awareness month and I wanted to bring you some information about local resources for Cesarean and VBAC support. I'll be making a few posts and some exciting information about offerings from SSP specifically for cesarean families!! Stay tuned for more information on that coming soon! First I wanted to tell you about an amazing event that you won't want to miss! Local birth doula, VBAC and gentle cesarean specialist, midwifery student and My Sunshine Birth Services network member, Jennifer West, of Bowling Green Doula and Childbirth Services is our area specialist in all things Cesarean and VBAC. Please visit her website to find out more about the amazing services and experti

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Mark your calendar and plan to attend! Meet the Doulas on May 26th! Come visit with us downtown on fountain square! Don’t miss this opportunity to find local resources for 💥 Childbirth classes, workshops and education 💥 Birth Doula support 💥 Postpartum Doula support 💥 CLC lactation support 💥 Placenta Encapsulation Information 💥 Birth Planning 💥 Maternity, Birth and Newborn Photography and Videography And SOOO MUCH MORE! We have professionals available to offer support for VBAC, for hospital, birth center, and home birth, for medicated and unmedicated birth, for pregnancy after loss, even support and gentle birth preparation for clients with scheduled cesareans! Visit

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