#Bucketsofhope Infertility Awareness Week | Bowling Green, KY Newborn Photographer

Normally on my website you would see a bucket or a basket with a baby in it, all wrapped up and snug. A picture of perfection Today, I am sharing an empty bucket. Why an empty bucket? I am joining newborn photographers in the#bucketsofhope project to raise awareness of Infertility Awareness Week. April 21-27th is national Infertility Awareness week. As a newborn photographer I know that many of my clients, fans, followers, family, and friends have or still are struggling with infertility. 1 in 8 women struggle with infertility. 1 in 4 endure a loss. This week newborn photographers all across the world are sharing empty buckets for you. The empty bucket symbolizes both the emptiness

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