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Superhero Breastfeeding Session | Bowling Green, KY Maternity and Birth Photographer

Celebrating breastfeeding milestones is a really big deal! I'm honored to be able to capture those moments and preserve the details for when they fade in our memories. I've never photographed a breastfeeding session that has deserved to be celebrated as much as this one. My eyes are leaking a bit just thinking about the depth of love that this sweet Mama has for her precious little one. What you see here are pictures of patience, dedication, strength, faith and true love. So much love.

There are times in your life that you only mean to be a blessing in the lives of others and the end result is your heart being touched so deeply and finding that you were the one who received the blessing.

This beautiful Mama and baby was gifted a milestone breastfeeding session by myself and an anonymous friend who expressed how important and special continued breastfeeding has been for sweet Lennon and his Mama, Peagon. Lennon is a warrior in the fight against Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA type 1.

This excerpt from the Cure SMA website explains a bit about what SMA is.

"Type I—the most severe and the most common—is usually diagnosed during an infant’s first six months. Babies with SMA type I face many physical challenges, including muscle weakness and trouble breathing, coughing, and swallowing. They may need breathing assistance or a feeding tube. Type I is often fatal early on in life. 60% of all SMA cases are type I."

Because of the muscle weakness associated and the difficulty breathing and swallowing, the fact that Lennon and Peagon are still able to continue with breastfeeding is a milestone that is more worthy of celebration than any other I've ever seen. Lennon turned one in September!!!

The love radiates from this precious Mama and Lennon's smile lights up the entire world. Every single day is celebrated and truly a blessing to this family. In the short amount of time that I spent with them I felt my heart swell having met new friends with such beautiful souls.

The Batman cape is appropriate .. because sweet Lennon is a SUPERHERO!

You can follow their journey on Facebook on the page

Come together for Lennon fighting SMA

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