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Mothers and Professionals OUTRAGED | Bowling Green, KY Maternity and Birth Photography

The birth community, EVERY birth photographer and every parent in the history of the world is outraged with this story that is circulating and spreading like wildfire on social media. I've been contacted three times, every group I'm in is buzzing with anger and news channels are picking up this nonsense.

The word in the birth community is that this is completely a hoax. It's been presented as a person who is purposefully creating turmoil in an effort to go viral. What a sad sad life to have if questioning how a mother gives birth to her child and implying that a cesarean is not really a birth is how you operate.

I am personally outraged and can not for the life of me see what a person has to gain from this craziness. It's damaging to the profession of birth photography and crushing to the moms that GAVE BIRTH TO THEIR CHILDREN VIA CESAREAN!!!! To say that I'm infuriated and disgusted by this story is an understatement.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with and photograph a precious family that were required to have a cesarean in order to bring their sweet baby earthside.

I dare you to stand to that Mama and Daddy's face and tell them that they didn't really give birth.

No ... really ... I DARE YOU!

I stand with them.

29 hours ... yes .. I typed that correctly TWENTY NINE HOURS that amazing, fierce, beautiful, patient, strong Mama labored to bring her baby into the world ... I saw the tears in her eyes when the Doctor announced that a cesarean was the ONLY OPTION to safely bring her baby earthside. My eyes welled up with tears for her. I cried not because she wasn't REALLY giving birth .. I cried because I wanted her to have the birth experience that her heart longed for. Because I knew she was so tired and was about to meet her baby in a few short minutes after working SOOOO hard for that moment. I cried because BIRTH IS BEAUTIFUL .. no matter how it happens or where it happens. I cried because these beautiful people were about to become parents when she GAVE BIRTH to their daughter.

In the end .... although not at all how they planned ... she GAVE BIRTH to a beautiful baby girl via cesarean. She GAVE BIRTH and became a mother.

I am honored to be a birth photographer.

I am honored to be present at the moment a family begins or expands.

I honor all birth.

Birth is beautiful.

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