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#doulasbenefiteveryone | Bowling Green, Kentucky Maternity and Birth Photographer

The theme for #worlddoulaweek is doulas benefit everyone. This saying is absolutely true.

I wanted to share some of my favorite birth images that show two of my favorite doulas working together in perfect harmony while supporting a precious mama laboring to bring her sweet baby earthside.

Meet Mary Duke and Amanda Woolen amazing individuals with beautiful souls that I'm honored to have in my path on this journey of life.

I watched them, in awe, as they communicated without saying a word. These very moments are what solidified that I was meant to be a birth photographer. I knew .... that I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my days "working" with such compassionate, capable, caring, talented individuals. I knew in these moments that birth could be different than any experience that I'd ever had. I saw with my heart, the benefit that a doula can have on your birth experience.

These doulas have touched my life ... as well as the lives of so many in our community who they have selflessly served.

I'm honored to share space with some of the most most amazing birth professionals in the nation and they are located right here in our town.

Go check these ladies out ... They are members of

My Sunshine Birth Network

Click the link to find out more information about the network and what these ladies have to offer.

You can find Mary's facebook page here.

and Amanda's facebook page here.

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