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Meet the Doulas (and Sam) | Bowling Green, Kentucky Maternity and Birth Photographer

The next Meet the Doulas event is scheduled for April 1st!!! I hope to see you there! It's a great opportunity to sit down and talk with network members and get more information about all things pregnancy and birth.

This particular event is gonna be extra special (to me at least) because it's the first Meet the Doulas event that I will actually be a network member.

Mary Duke LCCE, owner of My Sunshine Birth Services and network manager, recently introduced two new members to the network, myself and Susan Daniels! I'm excited to meet Susan and work with her, as well as the other amazing doulas in the network.

Here's some info about Susan from the My Sunshine Birth website.

Susan Daniels and her husband Scott have been married 29 years.being blessed with 9 children along the way. All of Susan’s babies were born either at home or in a birthing center and She is proud to say she despite some roadblocks she had a success breastfeeding experience with all 9! Susan is now a grandma living on a farm in Barren County working alongside her family. Susan has always felt a calling to birth work and now she is finding a way to use her years of experience and training to serve local families. Susan offers postpartum doula services and limited birth doula services. We are grateful to have Susan with us in the network and excited to see how she will nurture local families after the births of their babies. Website: Phone: +1 (270) 361-9593

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