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Need to know info! | Bowling Green, KY Maternity and Birth Photography

I'm back from vacation and using this beautiful Sunday to get caught up on my bullet journal and to get my to do list organized! I thought I'd share a picture (iPhone shot) of the gorgeous sunset from our last night on vacation and my affirmation for today.

While looking through my tasks for this week, I realized that a blog post was in order as I'm booking up through late summer and early fall, very quickly. So here's a few reminders and helpful things to consider.

Dates are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Meaning, unless I've told you otherwise, from this point on I will be unable to reserve a date without a deposit and signed contract.

I only book a limited number of birth clients per month to ensure my availability for my families, So depending on the estimated due dates, I only typically book 2 on call birth clients per month with a max of 3 if the dates do not conflict with my on call time for other clients.

I do offer off call coverage for birth clients so if you'd like for me to photograph your birth story, and you see that I'm booked for that time slot, still reach out to me because I may have off call availability. We'll discuss the details of off call coverage at that point, if we need to.

While I primarily identify as a birth photographer, there's been some confusion as to what services I offer. So to clear that up, here's a list of what I offer on a regular basis.

Pregnancy announcements

Maternity sessions

Styled Maternity sessions

Pregnancy related event coverage (Blessingway, baby shower, ultrasound appointment)

Gender Reveal Sessions and announcements

Birth photography

Birth Videography ( coming soon! Contact me for more details)

Fresh 48 Sessions

Homecoming Sessions

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Long story short, if it's a photography service related to pregnancy, I offer it.

If you are thinking of something not listed. Reach out! I'd love to talk about it!

Also, there's been some questions about what area I cover ... Right now I offer birth photography services within an hour radius of Bowling Green, KY. I am available for birth in any environment.

So yes .. I photograph hospital births

I photograph home births

I photograph birth center births

Another question I get a lot is what if I have a C-section?

If you are having a planned caesarean shoot me a message and we will go over the details.

If you are concerned that you might have to have an emergency caesarean, we will talk about this in our meeting or consultation.

Long story short is .. the likelihood that our hospitals will let me into the OR to photograph is slim to none, (but I'll keep trying and hopefully that will change one day soon) but in the event that you do have to have a caesarean, Don't worry, I have a plan.

Shoot me a message and we'll go over the details.

I'm working on some more exciting services that will be coming soon so stay tuned as we grow!

Usually quarterly, I offer a day of mini sessions that are a great opportunity to get with me for family photos or photos of those precious kiddos of yours that I don't book other times throughout the year! Watch my facebook page for the mini session announcements.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to answer any questions that you might have and discuss how we can work together to tell your story.

It's what I do .. I'm a storyteller.

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