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Mothers Meeting Their Babies, Feature on Birth Becomes Her | Bowling Green, KY Birth Photographer

With Mother's Day approaching, the website Birth Becomes Her asked for image submissions to compile a gallery of Mothers meeting their babies, to showcase on their home page. I was honored to be included on such an amazing platform for birth photographers, birth professionals and families to come together to share beautiful birth stories from around the world.

The image above is from my first birth after I decided to follow my heart and specialize to focus on birth and photography for expectant families. It's very dear to my heart. Even though it wasn't the first birth that I photographed, it was the turning point for me and my photography. I'm thankful for this journey. I'm thankful to the families that choose me to tell their story. I'm thankful to the families that choose to share their stories and by doing so empower other women and families to seek out options for their own births.

Happy Mother's Day.

You are strong.

You are beautiful.

You are fierce.

Your body was made to do this.

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