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Mother's Day Collaboration, Birth Becomes Her | Bowling Green, KY Birth Videographer

I am beyond honored to be a small part of this beautiful Mother's Day Tribute compiled with clips from birth videographers around the world, by Birth Becomes Her.

As of this date, the video has since gone viral with over 51 MILLION views and 643 THOUSAND shares ...

This makes my heart SO happy. Not only because of the great honor it is to be included in this amazing collaboration of birth videographers around the world, but because of the celebration of the strength of these beautiful Mothers and most importantly the awareness that it brings to births of all types, in all environments and the options that are available for each family to choose for their own births.

By sharing these moments, each person in this video is empowering other families to choose their own course for their birth experience.

I'm honored each and every time I am able to capture a birth story for a family.

It's an honor that words can't really explain.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.



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