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Have you heard the news? | Bowling Green, KY Maternity and Birth Photographer

Have you heard the news?

The news?

What news?

You may have seen bits and pieces of hints here and there.

Like this teaser from my facebook page in June.

Or this hint that I was tagged in on FB!

Or a sneak peek of this gorgeous newborn session.

Or this little hint from last week's Lamaze Class with Mary at My Sunshine Birth Services!

Or you may have seen the flyer for the amazing Breastfeeding Class that Amanda, The Grateful Moms Doula will be hosting soon.

Which you need to get in on because it's FULL of all of the need to know info and LOTS of fun!

Or you may even be signed up for the DONA Doula training classes that will be coming soon .. to an undisclosed location, near you, in October 2017 and March 2018!!!

Check out this LINK for more information!

All of this to say!!

Samantha Steen Birth Stories + Film has a location!