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Celebrate good times, COME ON! | Bowling Green, Glasgow KY Maternity and Birth Photographer

Kool & The Gang said it best!!!!

Celebrate good times, come on! Let's Celebrate!!!!

Now you may be asking yourself, It's 500 likes on Facebook, why are we celebrating that? I mean, there's other FB pages and businesses that have THOUSANDS of likes and page followers.

Well everyone, it's because it's a BIG DEAL.

It's a big deal

that families find value in documenting their birth story.

that children will have tangible photos, for a lifetime, to document the moment they were met with SO MUCH LOVE AND EXCITEMENT!

that more and more parents are taking an active role in their birth experience.

because the photos that we share on this platform ARE HEALING AND EMPOWERING to you and to others.

because more families are learning about their birth options.

because families are finding support and community.

because birth is a normal beautiful process and through my work


And let's be honest, not everyone gets giddy about (or is even ok with) seeing a placenta, or birth. (and that's ok)

My journey as a birth photographer, up and coming doula or as a volunteer, much like every other person in birth work, was never about a dream to make millions in this industry.

First and foremost, for me, it's about supporting families.

It's about having options.

It's about normalizing birth.

Every like on my page is a celebration for me.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for sharing your most precious moments with me.

Thank you for celebrating with others.

Thank you for validating,



Thank you.

So today .. I celebrate ..

so many things.

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