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Follow #JulesDiamond on her journey! | Bowling Green, KY Maternity and birth photographer, Doulatog

Meet #JulesDiamond!!! She is the newest member of the SSP family. She is a birth and breastfeeding doll from Mamamor Dolls. I fell in love with her and decided it would be a great opportunity to use her as a personal photography project and also to interact with her as we travel with her on the journey from trying to conceive and throughout her pregnancy.

I don't have a script written for her journey. Much like birth, we will work through what happens as time goes along. My plan is to post at least weekly about what's happening in her journey to ttc and also follow throughout her pregnancy and birth. We will talk about any concerns that might come up at each point in her journey and also help her find information and support to make decisions about her pregnancy and birth experience.

I have to admit .. it's going to be so much fun AND we are going to learn so much!!!

We went out to play in the snow and have a fun little photo shoot. (I also made her that shawl because I thought she would be cold lol)

Follow along with us on this journey .. I'll be updating FB and instagram with photos and little snippets but most of the story telling will happen here on the blog. Please interact with us and help #JULESDIAMOND through her journey much like we offer our love and support to precious friends.

I took suggestions on her name on FB and Instagram. Here's what we know about Jules Diamond so far

She has awesome hair.

She likes to crochet.

Her favorite color is blue.

She doesn't mind the cold. :)

She is trying to conceive in the near future.

She needs your support on her journey.

Stay tuned! And please, join in on the fun!

#mamamordolls #JulesDiamond #TTC #Tryingtoconceive #pregnancy #birth #doula #birthphotographer #julesdiamond

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