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Celebrating 1 year of breastfeeding! Milk Bath Photos | Bowling Green, Glasgow, KY Maternity and Bir

I typically have words and emotions of my own when I look at such a beautiful photo, a moment in time that I’ve captured, that tells a story. I couldn’t tell this story any better than these words .. straight from a Mama’s heart.

“Hard for me to believe that I made every part of you. I grew all your tiny fingers & toes, your perky ears & that little button nose. When you look up at me with your daddy's blue eyes & with those eyelashes that reach to the sky, you melt my heart. You're literally the best thing I've ever made & I've given you the second best thing I've ever made for the last year...

mommy's milk.

It's true. The days are long & the years are short. Some may roll their eyes (I've been there, trust me) but this has been the best experience of my life & I'll treasure these pictures. They aren't of an exposed breast - they are of a woman who's sacrificed herself daily to feed her child the best nutrition she could offer. Some women aren't able to breastfed, some don't want to, some did everything they could to try to... in the end you have to do what you can & what works for your family.

I'm thankful for the support of my husband in this journey. And for all the support of other women who've empower me & helped me along the way.

Motherhood is beautiful & amazing.

It's been my pleasure growing you & watching you grow. “

If you'd like to document your breastfeeding journey, reach out!

I offer breastfeeding mini sessions, as well as milk bath sessions!

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