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Meet the Family! | Bowling Green, Glasgow Kentucky Maternity and Birth Photographer | Doulatog

So you've already met Jules Diamond, she's an amazing birth and breastfeeding doll from Mamamor Dolls. Now let me introduce you to the rest of the family. Jules and Cyrus who is a Papamor have a precious little one named Xander, who is a nursing toddler and about to turn one next month!

As you already know, this is a personal project that I think will be lots of fun as we follow the family throughout trying to conceive, pregnancy and postpartum! Jules and Cy are considering trying to conceive in the next few months as Xan is about to turn one! They are weighing the pros and cons of spacing their children closer together vs farther apart.

What did you choose for your own family? What advice would you have for them as they make their decision? What are the pros and cons of spacing them closer together? Farther apart?

I'm excited about this personal project and look forward to you following along and giving insight to Jules and Cy as they make decisions along the way!

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