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Award Winning Birth Photos | Bowling Green, Glasgow, Kentucky Birth Photographer and Videographer

When I entered my work

(your beautiful moments of strength, determination and love)

into the international image contest at Birth Becomes Her, I didn't enter with the thought that I would win the contest (although that would have been AWESOME and a HUGE honor) but what was really important to me was to share the breathtaking beauty of birth, with the world.

The beauty that happens in homes and hospitals (and hopefully one day, birth centers) right here in Kentucky.

I did that. You did that. And I couldn't be more proud.

One of my images is featured in this article from Babyverden, Norway's most popular site for expecting families and families with small children. It's truly an honor to be featured alongside such beautiful work and amazing professionals.

Click here or on the photo above to view the post on Babyverden! Thank you for choosing me to capture your most precious moments. That's my biggest honor, always.

*When you visit the site from desktop, right click and choose translate to read the article in English*

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