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April is Cesarean Awareness Month!!! | Bowling Green, Glasgow, KY Doulatog

April is Cesarean Awareness month and I wanted to bring you some information about local resources for Cesarean and VBAC support. I'll be making a few posts and some exciting information about offerings from SSP specifically for cesarean families!! Stay tuned for more information on that coming soon!

First I wanted to tell you about an amazing event that you won't want to miss!

Local birth doula, VBAC and gentle cesarean specialist, midwifery student and My Sunshine Birth Services network member, Jennifer West, of Bowling Green Doula and Childbirth Services is our area specialist in all things Cesarean and VBAC. Please visit her website to find out more about the amazing services and expertise that Jennifer has to offer to families in our community! Samantha Steen Photography is excited be hosting an informational and support meeting on April 23rd!!!

This excerpt was taken from the facebook page for the event. Use the link below to let us know you'll be attending and share with your friends!

Have you had a cesarean birth or a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)? Would you like to find out more about how to prevent a cesarean, how to plan for a VBAC, or how to plan a gentle cesarean birth? April is Cesarean Awareness Month. Join us on Monday, April 23rd (6-8 pm) for a Cesarean/VBAC support meeting. We’ll have moms here, sharing stories of their cesarean births, VBACs, and repeat cesareans. Please come share your story, receive/offer support, and gather more information. Please share and invite/tag a friend who might benefit from this meeting. ***Location***The meeting will be held at Samantha Steen's Photography Studio (with the beautiful turquoise door), which is right next door to Morris Jewelry, on the Square, in Downtown Bowling Green.

To find out more information about this meeting, check out the event page on facebook by clicking here.

Watch the SSP blog and facebook page to see what other exciting things we have in store for you!

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