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Planned Cesarean Birth Photography Package!!!! | Bowling Green, Glasgow, KY Nasvhville, TN Birth Pho

This topic has been on my heart for quite some time.

In my career as a professional birth photographer, I remember the exact moment that I realized just how important it is that families facing a cesarean have the option to document their birth, if they want. I will FOREVER hold that moment in my mind and heart. I will forever have the memory of the tears rolling down my face in unison with that sweet mama.

Although many hospitals in our surrounding areas have seen the benefits to families and made the decision to allow professional birth photographers to document cesarean deliveries in the operating room, we still face the challenge that in our local area, while photography IS (typically) allowed in the OR, professional birth photographers are NOT permitted in addition to the one support person allowed.

This is hospital policy and must be respected for the safety of Mother and Baby until HOPEFULLY, one day, change might come.

I've always said that I'm willing to do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that the hospital would require of me and to spend whatever amount of money is required for additional necessary training, to be allowed in the OR to document these cherished memories for families.

That being said, we are so fortunate to have such caring staff in our local hospitals. I have never encountered a time that the medical staff present at the birth have not gone out of their way to make sure that the family had photos to remember these special moments with.

Sometimes that's when I send my camera in with Dad or a nurse and sometimes that's when a member of the medical team offers to take a cell phone and grab photos of those moments!


So ... all that being said, why would I need to offer a birth photography package specifically for families who will be planning a cesarean?

This video that was created last year when the birth photography community of professionals came together, with the #everybirthisbeautiful campaign, in support of cesarean mamas, says it all.

See a list of all the contributers to the video here.

Here's the statement issued by the collective professional birth photography community in this beautiful video and my personal promise to you.

"I'm a professional birth photographer.

I believe, we believe, all birth is natural birth, worthy of documentation and pride. I support my family with this knowledge and hold it close. I and my colleagues wake up and leave our families at the sound of a phone call, at any time - day or night, holiday or during dinner, to be with you and tell your unique story with the art we provide.


Because it sets our soul on fire to create and serve others.

You, beautiful woman grew a human! You brought them into this world. That is as natural as it gets! I, Samantha Steen, see the beauty in every birth story I capture whether it be Cesarean, medicated, un-medicated, surrogate, home, hospital, or otherwise. As a member of the greater birth photographer community, I'm here to say, we all want what is best for mother, baby, and their loved ones with love and empathy.

every birth is beautiful birth is birth is birth"

You deserve to have those moments documented .. all of those precious firsts. All of the excitement leading up to that precious moment that you meet your little one!

You will give birth to your baby. Your birth will be beautiful. Your birth story deserves to be told. Just like every other birth story. #everybirthisbeautiful and #yourbirthwillbebeautiful

If you'd like to set up a consultation to discuss documenting your planned cesarean birth, please send me an email to

Planned Cesarean coverage packages will start at $500.

Contact me for a personalized consultation.

Birth Coverage would begin at arrival to the hospital and would be documented to the extent that I am allowed until a minimum of 1 hour after transfer to postpartum.

I can't wait to tell your story!

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