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They don't stay little for long. Telling my story. | Bowling Green, Glasgow, KY Nashville, TN st

As I rushed through the chaos of the day yesterday, trying to be everywhere and do everything, it hit me. It hit me like a ton of bricks, that after 5 kiddos, these are the last days of elementary school for me. EVER. This was my last concert of 5th grade with my children. EVER. I haven't carried my "big girl camera" around with me for years. I've documented our lives and these special moments with cell shots.

In that moment I realized that it my responsibility to do for myself what I so carefully and lovingly do for others.

To tell the story of my own life.

To make it a priority to have MORE quality photos to hang on my own walls and place in albums for my children to look back on.

They don't stay little long.

Sometimes those "last times" hit you like a ton of bricks in time to realize it and sometimes they don't.

There will come a day that you pick your child up and hold them in your arms and you sit them down for the last time.

Cherish those moments ... cherish every single moment .. please document them. Don't worry .. I'll be sharing more photos of my own story to remind you!

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