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Hey Photographers!!! | Wanna join the Birth Community?

Local Photographers!!!! Hey you! Yeah, I’m talking about you!!

Are you currently taking on birth clients and are comfortable and established?

Do you want to shoot births but aren’t sure where to start? How it all works? Or doesn’t work? If you can make it work for you?

I want to hear from you.

It’s called a birth community for a reason. While you may not be a doula or a lactation consultant or a birth educator or a midwife or a OBGYN or one of our amazing superstar nurses ... you get the point ... YOU ARE SERVING FAMILIES AND YOU ARE PART OF THE BIRTH COMMUNITY.

We are part of the birth community.

Ok ... now to my point.

I WANT TO KNOW YOU! I want to help you! I want your help! Why? Well because I wanna be your friend 🙂 AND because after doing my CODB to evaluate for 2019 and calculating the number of births I intend to take on for 2019, I need photographers to refer people to when I’m not available, (I’m booked for births through July with very few possible openings) I need to keep my business sustainable (and hang on to my sanity), I need solid backups, I need people who “get it” to talk with, I need community ... JUST LIKE YOU DO. Sooooo ... do you wanna be friends? Shoot me a message!

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