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When it rains, look for the rainbow. When it's dark, look for the stars. Newborn Rainbow Baby, L

It was such an honor to meet, and photograph sweet Lincoln and his family and to create precious memories with his sweet sister Lyra's Molly Bear.

This beautiful bear made by the organization Molly Bears. They create weighted bears to represent the weight of a baby when they are born, and are unable to stay.

This information is from the Molly Bears website.

"We create weighted teddy bears for families coping with any form of infant loss. Molly Bears is here to serve as a community of support and comfort.

We'll be here for you, we know you'll be here for us too.

To receive your very own personal Molly Bear, fill out the order form when it is opened each month."

To learn more about Molly Bears .. visit their website and "Our Story" page to learn more.

More than 13,948 bears have been created and donated as of the date of this post.

#mollybear #rainbowbaby #newbornphotography #rainbow #rainbowdoula

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