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#Bucketsofhope Infertility Awareness Week | Bowling Green, KY Newborn Photographer

Normally on my website you would see a bucket or a basket with a baby in it, all wrapped up and snug. A picture of perfection Today, I am sharing an empty bucket. Why an empty bucket? I am joining newborn photographers in the#bucketsofhope project to raise awareness of Infertility Awareness Week. April 21-27th is national Infertility Awareness week. As a newborn photographer I know that many of my clients, fans, followers, family, and friends have or still are struggling with infertility. 1 in 8 women struggle with infertility. 1 in 4 endure a loss. This week newborn photographers all across the world are sharing empty buckets for you. The empty bucket symbolizes both the emptiness that women and families who struggle with infertility and loss often feel, but is also a symbol of hope that when their day comes, we will be here to celebrate with them! Know that I see you, we all see you and we are holding space and praying for your miracle .. When that day comes, I have a bucket for you. #bucketsofhope #infertilityawareness #iseeyou#holdingspace

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